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Foshan City, the core of the Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. located in South China's largest stainless steel market source, Jinchang, Lanshi circle group, is internationally renowned wearing parts brand CENTRICUT South China area a distributor, at the same time with the United States Ⅱ Ⅵ, Israel OPHIR wins Carter THERMACUT cooperation. For the fast, Baidu, big family, unity Prima, AMADA, lead, Chutian, Messer, Hongshan, Di can, the United States grams, sea head stars, Jiatai, Tian Tian, Mitsubishi, Mazak, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Parkson, Belgium LVD, Japan Yamazaki Mazak, PRECITEC Germany Pretter, Chinese art and other brands of large and medium-sized laser cutting machine welding machine to provide a full range of accessories, High-value parts maintenance and other services.

Main products: through fast, 100, IPG, Luo Fen Rui Kechuang Xin, CP, PRC and other fiber laser repair, all types of laser cutting head maintenance, CO2 laser maintenance services, and so on.

Sales: distribution wholesale sales of the brand laser cutting machine welding machine accessories, wearing parts, high-value components.

Business philosophy: adhere to integrity and pragmatic, reliable product quality, courteous service, the full range, and always to re-credit, keep promises, security quality, the company based on the development of business philosophy, and the industry has been customers praise, The majority of customers trust.


Foshan PinXin Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd.

Address:Shunde District of Foshan City, Chen Cunzhen Industrial Zone mostly Cheong Yip Road 1 No. 105

18144794009(Mr. Gao)

15015580062(Mr. Lee)

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